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Visual Designer. Strategist. Entrepreneur
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About Me

Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration.
I'm a Ukraine based Multidisciplinary Visual Designer, Strategist, Entrepreneur.
I've worked with diverse clients from multinational companies to small startups,
from designs web interface to mobile app designs. I'm always available to help
in any way and I like forming lasting relationships with every client. The only thing
I have is the huge passion with all the design projects.

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Latest Articles

Atomic Design & Music

It is easier to explain difficult concepts to creative people through artwork than scientific terms. It has become extremely popular to illustrate the core of Atomic Design using the examples of atoms,molecules,bodies and so on. What if we dare to compare Atomic Design with music? And we use notes...

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Inspiration for designers

Design is the field in which you should be on top of the inspiration waves. From my experience I know before creating a great interface I have to spend a lot of time searching for inspiration. I agree with the fact that all of us have their own way...

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The designing of time

Time is the most precious thing a human being has in life. Possibly, in the nearest future it will trasfer into the new currency which will have its rate and market price. Actually, every one of us trades their time. No matter whether you go to work every day,...

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Great talent. Denys has a great eye for detail and a brilliant sense of the aesthetic. Will definitely work with him. Thank you for your good work.
Clint Nielsen / xAgency / Australia
Excellent communicator and very service-minded. Denys provided design according to our needs and gave our project a new life.
Jonatan Kotschack / Carta Marin / Sweden
Fantastic design review, flexible and helpful in communications. Denys demonstrated a high level of design, what I wanted.
Marianne Steen / Steen Digital / Denmark

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